So. What do I do now?

I will be 41. It will be 2016.

I am a wife, mother to three young boys.

Republican. Mostly? Do I even really know?

Daughter, sister. Sister in Law. Daughter in Law. Cousin.

FRIEND. Worker. Servant. Model.

Teacher. Referee. Doctor. Therapist. Life coach. Cook. Supply and demand analyst.

How far must I go?

Fitness. Early. Sacrifice. Choice.

When is it wrong to ask for more?

I'm Queen of the mundane: Slayer of the Day to Day.

I am always questioning the road I'm traveling on.

Long days. Fast years. 

When will I actually get some time that is mine?

Jeremiah 29.

Trying to read. Attempting to beat the alarm.

Keeping up with it all.

The dishes are done. Fold the laundry. Vacuum it once more.

Bend down to pick up one last thing.

At least I know which direction I'm heading.

Drop it. Follow ME.