Who knew this summer was going to be so hard, yet so fruitful?

He did.

I've mostly crawled out of my dark hole, into the light and I realize: it is when I focus the lens back on Him that everything else comes back into focus as well.

Mojo. I think I've found my mojo again y'all.

It's stopping to REMEMBER. Who I am. Who I love. What I want. What I see. Where I am.

Remember that garden scene? Eve and Adam made a huge mistake. They heard God coming and they hid. God knew. Knew it all. He didn't scream or raise his voice.

"Where are you?" God calls out.

I. Am. Here.

I am here. HERE I AM.

I'm gray. Very gray. I seriously need to color my hair.

I don't brush my teeth enough. I forget. I forget to make my children do it.

I'm a neat-ish freak. I throw my husband's stuff away without asking. It's disrespectful and I should stop.

I eat too many meals standing up.

I need to play more with my kids. I could really be a better mom if I stopped what I was doing.

I'm often a spaz. I'm way too open and talk way too much. (The people I work with can vouch for that.)

I like to help strays. People in need. I'm sometimes too trusting.

I use way too many wipes. To clean everything and everybody.

I am poor.

I'm really working on truly loving and LIKING my husband. (After almost 10 years and three kids later, we need some tending to.)

I like who I am. I like what I look like. Mostly.

I love to nap.

I really love Jesus. My life changed 18 years ago when I met Him. The context of ME is different. I can't get away from Him. He is not something I'm excited about for a while and stuff in a guest room closet and happen upon Him when I'm cleaning. In anything I'm doing or anywhere I am--He is there. I consider Him. Always.

I am unafraid to say that.

It may change how people feel toward me.

That's ok.

Life is really good, y'all. Even when it isn't. People are good. Even when they are not. The world is good, even when it is not. And God is GOOD. He just IS.