What pops into your mind?

Ruined? No good? Trash? Not useful? Need to buy a new one?


I had a mini epiphany this morning: the most broken people I know have been teaching me the most valuable life lessons.

They have been challenging my luke-warm salvation and forcing me to answer hard questions about myself.

A four year old with maybe ADHD and somewhere on the autism spectrum.

A young widow.

A friend with extensive health issues.

A vibrant divorcee trying to pick up the pieces.

Little boys who are the victims of their parent's drug abuse.

A single mom who drives an awesome 70's van and works her fingers to the bone.

A stray feline with a missing ear tip.

A mother watching her child die.


It's not the perfect people who teach me. The ones who look like they have it all together. The ones with the makeup and clothes and hair done. The ones who say, "Oh, we're good! How are you?"

It's the ones who ask me to help them button their pants and put on their backpack. The ones who call me, sobbing needing solace. The ones with slept on, gray showing, messy hair and dirty clothes. It's little boys who smell and want to eat me out of house and home. A cat who has me at her beckoned call. It's people who need me when I'm not ready. People who challenge me to drop everything. Challenge me to think differently. To see things in a different way.


My most favorite thing about God's economy is the backwardness.

Up is down. Left is right. First is last. Broken is best.

God can only use people and situations that are broken.

I heard a saying once: Your heart must break, so that God can fall in.

I am proudly broken. I'm so blessed by my broken friends and acquaintances.


As we ponder Jesus's death and RESURRECTION this Easter--will you pray for a precious mother tonight who has lost her 12 year old daughter? Please lift up this family in your prayers.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18